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General Notice from Kansas Third Judicial District Chief Judge

30 Aug 2017 4:24 PM | Amanda Kohlman (Administrator)

Greetings from the Shawnee County District Court:

I want to take this opportunity to pass on some information that will be helpful to the bar:

1. If you are receiving e-file notices that you believe to be in error because you have withdrawn from that case, please do the following:

a. Double check the case filings to make certain you have actually withdrawn from the case and have done nothing to re-enter your appearance.  If you have not withdrawn, and you wish to withdraw, please file the necessary Motion and go from there;

b. If you have withdrawn, call the District Court Clerk's office and request the clerk to "uncheck the box" by your name so you will no longer receive notice of action in that case.

Please understand this procedure must be done for each case. It cannot be done on a block basis. Therefore, you should have the case name and number available when you call the clerk's office.

For civil cases, call 251-5158; for criminal cases, call 251-5157; for domestic cases, call 251-5159, for limited actions cases, call 251-5154; for probate and juvenile cases, call 251-5156; for traffic cases, call 251-5155.

2. All Returns of Service of Process are listed on e-flex in the "History" tab. You can also find them in the filing report for a specific case.  These Returns of Service will no longer be snail-mailed by the Court 

Speaking of Returns of Service, please make sure every Return you generate has a caption and case number at the top of the page.  Returns come back separately, so the Return will be an orphan without this identifying information.

3. The Shawnee County Court Website (www.shawneecourt.org) will soon include all active Administrative Orders issued by the Shawnee County District Court.

4. Please review the recently-added Administrative Order 2017-107, which addresses the ways in which Shawnee County District Court will accept self-represented litigant approval of proposed orders on e-filed documents.  

Thank you,

Evelyn Z. Wilson

Chief Judge

Kansas Third Judicial District

Shawnee County Courthouse

200 SE 7th Street, Room 401

Topeka, Kansas  66603-3922

(785) 251-4369

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