Kansas Supreme Court Decisions, August 4, 2023

07 Aug 2023 2:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Appeal No. 122,660: State of Kansas v. Ron Richard Larsen Jr.

Appeal No. 122,660 archived oral argument

A jury convicted Larsen of attempted aggravated burglary, aggravated burglary, felony and misdemeanor theft, and kidnapping arising out of three separate incidents in Johnson County. The Supreme Court granted review of Larsen's challenge to his attempted aggravated burglary conviction and affirmed the conviction. Larsen entered the backyard of a home and looked in a window where he saw a person awake. Larsen ran when he realized the person saw him. Because he fled, Larsen argued the State did not prove he intended to enter an occupied home. The Court disagreed, pointing to evidence that Larsen was trying to get cash and a car, and over a few nights, he stole purses, billfolds, and keys from other victims while they were at home. A reasonable jury could conclude Larsen planned to enter homes late at night because he wanted to grab keys, purses, and billfolds that a person would usually have with them when not at home.
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